Babysitter Rates and Prices

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According to a report by Runzheimer International in 2005, the average babysitter in the United States earns $6.04 per hour. In New York City, the average babysitter earns $11.08 per hour. The rates assume that the babysitter is a teenager and is looking after just 1 child. Use the calculator below for a more accurate estimate.

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Babysitter Rate Calculator
What kind of area do you live in?
How old is the babysitter?
How much experience does the babysitter have?
How many children?
Do you expect the babysitter to do chores?
Did you hire the babysitter on short notice?
Are you coming home late (after 11PM)?

Pay the Babysitter More Than Average:

1. Location: If you live in a urban area expect to pay more than if you're lived in a suburban or rural area. Statistics from indicate that New York City babysitters earn an average of $12.14/hour. The national average is $6.04/hour.

Median Hourly Rate by City - Job: Babysitter (United States)NYC Babysitter Rates
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2. Age: With age comes maturity, a greater sense of responsiblity, and a better sense of what to do in emergencies. Expect to pay an extra $1 for ages 18-25 and an extra $2 for ages 25+.

Median Hourly Rate by Age - Job: Babysitter (United States)New York Babysitter Pay
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3. Experience: Add around $.50/hr for every year of experience.

Median Hourly Rate by Years Experience - Job: Babysitter (United States)How Much to Pay the Babysitter
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4. Number of Children: If the babysitter needs to look after more than 1 child, add $1/hr per kid. The more kids you have, the more work it is for the babysitter and the more you should pay her.

5. Chores: If you want the babysitter to do some chores around the house, add around $2/hr.

6. Short-Notice: Did the babysitter come through on short notice? Consider paying $1/hr more.

7. Hours: If you plan on coming home after 11PM, add around $2/hr.

You should also check the babysitter's references, conduct an interview, and make sure she knows what to do in case of an emergency.